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Directed In-Service Training (DIT): 


With the updated guidance from CMS related to increased oversight in nursing centers, remedies including Directed In-Service Training (DIT) are becoming more common. This increasing oversight will provide surveyors the opportunity for more focused reviews of quality-of-life and quality of care concerns such as focus on competencies, antipsychotics, unplanned weight loss, loss of function/mobility, depression, abuse/neglect, or pressure ulcers, and more citations in these care areas are likely.

Our experienced LeaderStat consulting team serves clients by assisting them with development and implementation of their DIT. LeaderStat consultants, in conjunction with the nursing center, take immediate action to assist the center with implementing a DIT as outlined by the requirements for focusing on specific deficient practices identified on their CMS-2567. The DIT will include a review of existing applicable policies and procedures as well as any updates or new policies and procedures. The DIT must also focus on the specific needs of the resident population and must consider their specific characteristics. The DIT plan requires skills/return demonstration(s) where appropriate and must be observed by the trainer and conducted in such a manner that the trainer can interact with the trainees in real time. An opportunity for live Q&A must be included.

In most instances, the organization or individuals providing the DIT may not be an employee, corporate staff or have directed ownership in the center’s organization. The individual providing the training should be a qualified subject matter expert. The DIT must also include education of the staff on the plan for sustaining compliance.

The LeaderStat consulting team offers flexibility in scheduling and prompt responses to inquiries. To date, all clients who contracted for DIT services have regained substantial compliance with the assistance of the LeaderStat Consulting team.

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