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Rapid Response Life Support Training center offers clinical nurse consultant advice, director of nursing services, assist in hiring qualified personnel for management positions, assists with state survey readiness by auditing all processes and past tags, assists in developing a sound structure and processes for the nursing department and create a great culture that staff can survive in.

SNF's should consider a new management culture where nursing management (DON/ADON/Nurse managers) can survive for the long haul. The old way of nurse management has burnt out great nurses and I have the solutions to these complex staffing issues. 

Lets cut out the middle man (Staffing agencies) contract directly with our organization and we can we save you hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars a year by not utilizing staffing agencies to fill your management positions, create a long lasting sustainable nursing culture.


We also offer a curriculum that will prepare the students with life saving skills that they can build upon. We are Certified American Heart Association Instructors, Instructor Trainers and a training site. Teaching CPR/BLS, ACLS, PALS, and Neonatal skills check off.

We now offer instructor training for BLS , ACLS and PALS if you would like a staff member to be able to teach all staff old and new. This allows to track educational requirements. 

In addition, we offer an IV training course and a Respiratory training course with manakins to assist your staff with the skills that are needed to be able to feel confident and provide safety for the residents so your SNF can accept more clinically complex residents into your facility, increasing reimbursement. 

If you come to our training center, you’ll find a creative and comfortable learning atmosphere that our competitors just cannot duplicate.

At Rapid Response Life Support Training Center, we strive to deliver the skills our students need to be able to act in any emergency situation with confidence.


We provide mentoring, motivation, positive reinforcement, teamwork and autonomy. We strongly believe that learning should not be cut and dry, but it should be fun and interactive. Our students respond favorably to our teaching style and we feel confident that all of our new students will also.

Our team has been refining clinical skills, processes and procedures since 1985.

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