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Marie Cahoon


Robert Simpson

Certified American Heart Association Instructors/OSHA Approved

Marie's Education And Work Experience

  1. Masters Degree in Business Administration/minor in Management (MBA 2001).

  2. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN 2010).

  3. Registered Nurse (ASN) (2015).

  4. Currently seeking a Masters in Nurse Administration with a minor in Education (MSN 2021).

I have been a nurse for 12 years working in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Care as a clinical nurse, as well as, a medicare reimbursement specialist. In the business field I created partnerships for various profit and non profit organizations. 

Roberts Education And Work Experience

  1. Associate Degree in Respiratory Therapy (RRT 1986) 

  2. Licensed Vocational Nurse Certification (LVN) 1984.


He worked at ARMC  (Hospital) in Abilene as a RRT for 41 years and taught AHA courses for 30 years. He provided respiratory care for infants, children and adults alike.

My Philosophy

My philosophy when it  comes to education for all our students is for them to gain the knowledge that they need to be able to act in any emergency situation with confidence. We reinforce the information we send so they can remember it,  not just in their short term memory but their long term memory as well. You never know when someone might need high quality CPR and we would like to be the instructors that mentored and motivated our students for getting the job done and remembering what they learned from taking one or more of our certified courses.  All our education is informative and is a pleasure for our students to learn (fun) and is very captivating.

 he students not to have instructor pressure/peer pressure but to relax, enjoy and learn the material presented. There is no dumb question and I believe that asking questions can institute a debate and gain ideas and information from the other students. It is my mission that every student will pass the exams the first time because they will remember what we taught them. If for some reason someone does not pass the first time (Test anxiety), we do a remediation section so the student can understand the logic between the correct and incorrect answer choices, re answer the questions and pass the course. Everyone goes home a winner

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