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Rapid Response Life Support Training Center's policies and procedures

1. Arrive for the course timely, allow enough time for your course as they vary in length. If you have special circumstances, clear it with the instructor before the class. If you leave the class without approval, you may forfeit your course.

2. Any physical limitations must be disclosed before the course. 

3. Courses may be monitored for quality assurance and training. For testing 
and for security purposes, no phones are allowed during testing.

4. Wear something comfortable, and you may bring drink and/or food.

5. Text renewals, pre coursework, and NRP part 1 to 325-273-0799 and bring a copy to class. The link to the pre coursework is on our website on the FAQ page.

6. If your not fully vaccinated please wear a mask.

7. We have loaner books for those who cannot afford to purchase one and materials are the property of RRLSTC and may not be taken from the premises.

9. Refunds will be granted if cancelled within 24 hours of course time, however, courses that have already been paid and canceled will still incur the square bank fees.

10. Special requests (dates/times) where the instructor altered their schedule may or may/not be refunded, but the date and time can be changed. Please ask the instructor if that applies to your request.

11. Provide the legal spelling of your name and your personal email address. If it comes to your email and it is wrong, do not accept it, contact us immediately to prevent further e card charges and processing fees.

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