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Rapid Response Life Support Training Center's policies and procedures


Please read our policies and procedures below and on your invoice under attachments 

  • Sunken classroom, please watch for the step up/down. 

  • Sign into the roster with your personal email and double check to make sure it is correct. 

  • Emergency exits: Front door, back door, garage door 

  • Bathroom location: Up the step and to the right 

  • Identification 

  • Location of AED 

  • Not fully vaccinated, must wear a mask 

  • Allow enough time for your course completion as all courses vary in length.  

  • Cell phone policy: cell phones must be put away before course starts and may not be taken out during testing, test is being graded, test is on the student's desk, or the student may forfeit their course. Advise the instructor at the beginning of class to accommodate your needs.  

  • Students are restricted from taking any video or pictures inside or outside Rapid Response Life Support Training Center (RRLSTC) at 3126 Button Willow Parkway, Abilene, Texas. 79606 or off-site classes unless it is cleared by the instructor first. 

  • If you leave the class after it has started without approval, you forfeit your course in its entirety. 

  • Any physical limitations must be disclosed before the course so we can arrange accommodation. 

  • Courses may be monitored for quality assurance and training.  

  • Please do not accept your e card if your name is misspelled in the email, contact us so it can be changed and resent or it can result in the student paying for an extra e card processing fee. 

  • All materials are the property of Rapid Response Life Support Training Center (RRLSTC) and may not be taken from the premises.  

  • Refunds will be granted if cancelled within 24 hours of course time, however, courses that have already been paid for and canceled will still incur the square bank fees. Special requests (dates/times) where the instructor altered their schedule, may or may/not be refunded, but the date and time can be changed. Please ask the instructor if that applies to your case. 


I, the student will not hold RRLSTC legally responsible for any damages, injuries, or losses that occur before, during and after course completion where the class is held. Furthermore, after any course completion, I will not hold RRLSTC legally responsible when practicing in the field, whether expressed and/or implied. In addition, by signing this form, it releases (Rapid Response Life Support Training Center), the homeowner, or the instructors from any, and all liability that may occur inside and outside the place of business. 

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