Rapid Response Life Support Training Center's policies and procedures

Please arrive for the course in a timely manner

If you leave the class without approval, you may forfeit your course

Please respect others by wearing a mask at all times even if you have been vaccinated

For testing security, we are asking that all students put their phones away when testing is in progress

Please be courteous to the instructors while they are providing instruction

Be courteous to your fellow students by allowing them the opportunity to also ask questions

Please plan on being at the course location until the course is completed

All times vary depending on the class size, the type of class being taught, the number of courses taken in the same day and the students knowledge of the course content

Refunds will be provided if the student cancels within 24 hours of the class date and time, otherwise, the student may change the date and time to meet their needs

If a course has been paid for and a refund request is authorized, all course costs will be refunded minus the square fee for credit/debit card processing

Classes may be monitored for quality assurance and training purposes