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We will be closed from 12.9.2022 until 12.12.2022 and would like to announce that as of 12.9.2022 we will be updating our training center facility at 3126 Button Willow Parkway to accommodate all of our students needs to include extra safety measures, outside, and inside of the facility. This will include information on our website, posters posted outside and inside the facility, a signed invoice by the student acknowledging the policies and procedures and acceptance of such, and verbal instructions before each class. In addition, we will post pictures of the changes we have made for public viewing by 12.12.2022 on Google Review and our Website.


Rapid Response Life Support Training Center is a multi-tasking corporation and offers the following services.

30+ years of Nursing, Respiratory Therapy 

We offer classes to medical professionals, specialty interest groups, and the general community. Our instructors are certified by the American Heart Association.  

Rapid Response Life Support Training Center's current classes

  1. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Automated External Defibrillator (CPR/BLS)

  2. Heart saver: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/ Automated External Defibrillator & First Aid

  3. Advanced Cardiopulmonary Life Support (ACLS)

  4. Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

  5. CPR/BLS Instructor Provider and Renewals

  6. ACLS Instructor Provider and Renewals

  7. PALS Instructor Provider and Renewals

  8. NRP skills check off only


See the FAQ page for the new NRP requirements


At Rapid Response Life Support Training Center, we strive to deliver the skills our students need to be able to act in any emergency situations with confidence.​ Our Training Center is located in Abilene, TX and will consider all other locations. Our team has been refining clinical skills, processes and procedures since 1985.

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 Marie's Cell #  325-273-0799

 Robert's Cell # 325-669-8621

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