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IV & Intraosseous course


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  • Practice inserting an IV catheter with artificial blood return for adults in various veins

  • Practice Intraosseous bone marrow IV insertion for adults and children

  • Components of a complete physicians order

  • Protective measures for guarding against malpractice lawsuits

  • Anatomy and physiology of the vascular system: veins, arteries and intraosseous sites

  • Avoiding damaging the nerves

  • Avoid fishing and reinserting into the same locations

  • Psychological needs according to age,  cultural aspects, patients with sensory deficits, and reducing patient anxiety 

  • Fluid and electrolyte balance 

  • Hypovolemia "Dehydration"

  • Hypervolemia "Fluid Overload"

  • Fluid compartments 

  • pH, osmolality and incompatibilities

  • Isotonic solutions, hypotonic solutions and hypertonic solutions

  • Flushing protocols 

  • Fluid regulation

  • Calculating IV flow rates

  • Medication administration

  • Infection Control and Safety

  • Set Changes

  • Dressing Changes 

  • Site Selection and Device Placement

  • Sterile technique 

  • Types of Peripheral Access

  • General Considerations of Short Peripheral Access

  • Veins to Avoid 

  • Older Adults  

  • Local Complications  and Systemic Complications

  • IV Set Up, Short Peripheral Insertion and Removal of Device 

  • Documentation

  • Infection

  • Assessment and Documentation

  • Transfusions and Blood Products

  • ABO Compatibility

  • Adverse Reactions  & Treatment


Trachea course

Coming soon


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